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C9 Socket and Wire

Introducing C9 Wires and Sockets

Whether it is home lighting decoration for any event or embellishing an office space, you need extension wires or sockets at some point since not all products come with enough cable length. We at TridentPro Lighting comprehend this need for commercial and residential equipment and offer our C9 wires and sockets collection. Our collection’s high-quality, commercial-grade wiring, cables, and plugs blend functionality with aesthetics. Catering to the needs of indoor or outdoor settings, these products are reliable to keep operations running smoothly in various climate conditions. Let us elaborate on our wire and socket range and how they work!

Our Product Range and Its Applications

TridentPro Lighting Commercial Grade SPT-1 C9 100′ Reel Green Wire 12″ Spacing


This is a versatile solution for festive lighting and decoration projects. Its 100-foot length provides ample coverage, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. The 12-inch spacing between bulbs ensures even and attractive illumination. This reel is commonly used for creating vibrant and eye-catching holiday displays, whether for Christmas, parties, or special events. With durable construction and 10 Amp capacity, these lights provide a steady and dependable power supply, making them ideal for long-term use in retail, events, or any commercial space that demands dazzling illumination. 

TridentPro 125V US PLUG


The 125V US Plug in our collection is a versatile replacement power cord, offering a 6-foot length and UL approval for safety. Its 3-wire, 12/3 configuration is perfect for various applications, especially for our 12V 400w power supply. The open wiring on one end and insulation stripping facilitate easy installation and connection, making it suitable for repair and DIY projects. Its professional, heavy-duty design ensures reliability, and the warranty adds an extra layer of assurance. This cord is a practical solution for maintaining and enhancing the functionality of various electrical appliances.

TridentPro DC 12-48V Connector For WiFi/Bluetooth Controller


The DC 12-48V Connector for WiFi/Bluetooth Controller from our collection eases the integration of wireless connectivity in various applications. This connector’s adaptability to a wide voltage range (12-48V) makes it suitable for diverse environments. Ideal for smart home systems or industrial automation. The positive and negative stripped ends ensure easy and secure electrical connections. 

TridentPro Pigtail 3 pin 6” Male and Female Jumper Cable


The TridentPro Pigtail 3 Pin 6” Male and Female Jumper Cable, with PVC plastic construction and push-in connect method, is an indispensable accessory for installing waterproof RGBW LED lights. Its 6-inch length and pre-stripped, tinned ends facilitate easy soldering or connection with terminals. Designed for reliability and effectiveness in wet climate conditions, this jumper cable is compatible with TridentPro 3 Pin Easy Connector for a seamless installation experience. Whether connecting individual LED components or creating a larger lighting system, this versatile cable ensures a secure and durable connection, making it an essential tool for lighting integration. 

TridentPro 14/3 Round Wire (50 Feet)


The TridentPro 14/3 Round Wire is a heavy-duty electrical cable meant to be used for plenty of applications. Its braided copper construction provides flexibility and durability and makes the wire suitable for indoor and outdoor use. With a 300V rating, this cable is ideal for various settings, including tools, circuits, industrial environments, data centres, IT installations, and generators. Its robust design makes it reliable in demanding conditions, providing a secure and efficient electrical connection.

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