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Christmas Garland and Wreaths

Christmas Wreaths and Garlands for Holiday Decor

Trident Pro Lighting introduces you to vibrant & classy Christmas wreaths and garland lighting. In the vicinity of the snow, the lighting increases the fervor of the most-awaited festival. 

If you have a particular color combination or design in mind, then we assure you that you’ll get the desired product with us. Moreover, our professional installation, maintenance and removal lets you focus only on decorating the garland wreath. So, let’s brighten up your house!!

Wreath placement ideas

Front Door

With our Christmas wreaths, give your house a new look by hanging them inside and outside front door decors. Along with the traditional colors of white, red, and green lighting, add bells of varied colors, artificial snowflakes,  bringing the charm of the holiday to your home. 

Against the Window

Hanging the wreath on the windows tells that you are celebration-ready. Here, apply the customized wreath that expresses your feelings through the transparent glasses. Decorate it with artificial pine cones or handmade goodies; the lighting will bring the Christmas warmth.      


Adorn the wreaths on the balcony railings; these colorful lights show the festivities of your house from afar.  Blending wreaths & garlands is the unique element that makes your house stand out on the street.

Garland placement ideas

In the kitchen

Illuminate your cooking area with the Christmas garland; these long decorative pieces will become the center of attraction and be kept on the cabinets, the windows. Add the Christmas decorations – artificial or white flowers, balls in various tints, or hang reindeer, Santa Claus. 

Around the Christmas Tree

Along with the Christmas tree, decorating the garlands on the curtains provides a welcoming atmosphere. Since the tree and the garland already have enough lights and Christmas decor, avoid using the other decorations. 

Draping the Fireplace

The fireplace is where the socks are hung that await gifts from Santa. By covering the boundary of the mantel with these lighting garlands, those socks will also shine and add charm to the festivity. 

Blending wreaths and garlands seamlessly

Outdoor Fencing

Enhance your outdoor space by adorning the fencing with festive wreaths & garlands. Weave the garlands through the fence and hang wreaths at intervals for a charming and welcoming look. This transforms the perimeter of your property into a joyful display that’s sure to catch the eye.

Around Outdoor Furniture

Give your outdoor seating area a festive touch by placing a garland wreath around the furniture. Drape garlands along the backs of chairs or benches and add small wreaths to tables or nearby walls.


Heighten the entrance to your home or garden by decorating archways with wreaths and garlands. Hang wreaths at the center and let garlands cascade along the arch, framing the passage with holiday charm.

Why wait? Schedule your appointment with Trident Pro Lighting to make your house shine, attracting the spirit of the season.

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