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Christmas Led Lighting

Light Up Your Holiday Spirit: Permanent Christmas Lights in Houston, Texas

As the holiday season approaches, everyone wants to bring a big transformation into their spaces. Do you ever think about the permanent Christmas lights for decoration? Well, these are in trend nowadays due to their unique style, long-term cost-saving approach, energy efficiency, flexibility in lighting options throughout the year, and many more features. At TridentPro Lighting, our expert team is here to make your seasonal, yearly lighting, and Christmas decorating dreams come true. We understand the happiness and excitement of decorating your home or workspace for specific occasions.

Choosing TridentPro Lighting as your trusted provider will guarantee a complete package featuring customized design, premium-quality lighting solutions, commercial Christmas lights-led installation services, meticulous maintenance, removal when needed, and punctual service. Go through our permanent xmas lights collection!

Our permanent Christmas Lights LED Collection

Here is our permanent Christmas lights collection, including:

Ideas for Commercial & Residential Permanent Lighting

Commercial & Residential Permanent Lighting Ideas

Roofline Illumination

Transforming a commercial or residential Roofline into a festive spectacle for a specific occasion involves outlining the roof’s edges with radiant lights, creating a magical display that really shows for any specific occasion. Installing Trident Pro Permanent Lighting first requires our specialized team to meet for a consultation. Once we have spent time with our client and have an exact understanding of specific details, then will our team obtain satellite measurements of the customer’s home. Our team will then develop a wiring schematic drawn plan and a comprehensive quote with all materials and labor costs associated with the specific job. We will have a final meeting in person to sign and finalize the quote, and then will an installation of professional permanent christmas lights be scheduled.  

Light Up the Path

Lighting up the path to your home with permanent LED outdoor Christmas lights adds an added touch to your home’s presence. TridentPro Lighting has solutions for different selections of path lighting available. Powered by a central controller that is wifi/Bluetooth enabled.

Fence Lighting

Adding Fence Lighting to your home with TridentPro Lighting’s permanent roofline lights adds even another level of touch to your home’s presence. TridentPro Lighting has a solution for flood fence lighting available. Powered to a central controller that is wifi/ bluetooth enabled. Imagine your whole fence glowing!

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