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Christmas Light Clips

Organize Your Lighting Decor | Christmas Light Clips 

As Christmas is around the corner, it is time to decorate your space as per the festive week theme, and this task requires our range of clips. Well, with the help of these clips, you can decorate your space hassle-free, and it is the perfect solution for securing lights or bulbs. No more struggling with tangled strings or securing lights in place; check out how our Christmas light clips can do this job seamlessly. At Trident Pro Lighting, our clips are versatile for organizing lights on gutters, shingles, and even on the ground. Beautify your home decoration this festival season and bring a big transformation with our clips. Let’s explore our collection:

Our Clips Range and Their Versatile Uses

4 1/2″ TridentPro Lighting Universal Light Stake

It’s sharp point and robust construction enable easy insertion into the ground, providing stability even in tougher terrains. Perfect for neatly showcasing lights across your home, this stake is designed to work seamlessly with standard C7 and C9 sockets, ensuring compatibility with Christmas clips for light sets. Each pack contains 25 light stakes, offering a practical and convenient solution for transforming your outdoor space into a festive wonderland. Whether illuminating pathways, outlining flower beds, or creating an amazing display around your home, these stakes make holiday decorating a simple and enjoyable experience.

TridentPro Lighting All-in-One Versatile Clips


These clips are ideal for effortlessly hanging Christmas lights on shingles or gutters. It offers remarkable flexibility as they are adjustable to accommodate various bulb sizes. Simply slide a C7/C9 light base into the circular ring on the clip, or twist the clip at the top for easy installation of C6 or mini lights. This adaptability ensures a seamless decorating experience, allowing you to easily customize your light clips for Christmas lights display. Each set includes 25 individual All-in-One Clips, making it a complete and convenient choice for elevating your holiday decorations. It is time to avoid the complexities of light installation and begin the versatility that TridentPro Lighting brings to enhance your festive lighting arrangements. The clip’s clasps can also be turned around to accommodate even smaller string lights. It offers the flexibility to accommodate icicle lights, enhancing its functionality as a versatile, multi-purpose Christmas light clip.

TridentPro Lighting Shingle Tab

It is a hassle-free solution for decorating your holiday home. Specifically crafted for securing Christmas lights between your roof shingles, these tabs offer both convenience and durability. Engineered to withstand various weather conditions, these tabs are built to last, ensuring enduring festive charm for seasons to come. The user-friendly design allows you to effortlessly attach bulbs into the sockets with the shingle tab in between, seamlessly inserting the tab’s legs under your shingles. With a pack of 25 individual shingle tabs, easily create a stunning and long-lasting display that adds a touch of magic to your holiday season. Using dual legs for a secure mount, this versatile clip features a flip tab for a firmer grip. Whether you’re working with shingles, gutters, or decks, simply wedge the legs within spaces for a secure hold. 

TridentPro Lighting Magnetic C9 Christmas Light Clip

These efficient magnetic clips are made especially for quick and simple installation on metal surfaces, further speeding up the process. Experience hassle-free setup and removal, as these clips securely adhere to any metal surface with magnet-holding capabilities. Their versatility sets these clips apart; you can orient them to hold lights upright or horizontally, providing flexibility in your decorative arrangements. Each pack includes 25 magnetic clips, offering a convenient solution for effortlessly adorning metal surfaces with festive lights. TridentPro Lighting Magnetic C9 Christmas Light Clips will improve your holiday decoration experience by making decorating your space easier and brightening it over the festive season. 

Make a list of accessories that you want to pair with Christmas lights. It is our responsibility to deliver them on time. Merry Christmas!

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