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LED C9 (Easter)

Easter Lights

Easter is a celebration of a new hope, and spring’s approach and a well-decorated place make the day even more special. What better way to celebrate the season’s charm than glowing your space with Trident Pro’s Easter lights? 

These delightful and attractive lights, available in multiple color options, will bring a magical touch and season’s spirit to your Easter celebrations. The glowing surroundings symbolize the victory of light over darkness, hope over despair, and Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

Shop For Easter Lights Theme 

You can shop from our curated collection of Easter lights that includes a variety of stunning options, such as:


  • Subtle and beautiful light displays in various colors.
  • Energy Efficient LED Bulbs from  0.5 to 0.8 Watts
  • Connect up to 1,000 feet of lights or up to 960 watts (8 amp line)
  • Virtually unbreakable, up to 200 times stronger than glass.

Easter Lights creative decor ideas

Easter Garden Luminaries:


Decorate mason jars with colorful Easter-themed items like plastic eggs, artificial grass, or figurines of bunnies. For a creative and radiant look, wrap C9 bulbs around the outside of the jars and put them strategically throughout your garden or along a pathway.

Eggstraordinary Door Decor:


Create an egg-themed display to transform your front door into an Easter masterpiece. Attach a variety of vibrant Easter eggs to the door, arranging them in a visually appealing scheme. Consider placing LED lights and a ribbon bow around the entrance to provide a more creative touch.

Bunny Welcome Sign:


Craft or purchase a wooden welcome sign featuring a cute bunny design. Position it prominently on your front door to greet visitors with a warm and fanciful Easter welcome. Charm up the sign with LED Lights, pastel paint, and floral accents, or even attach mini Easter egg ornaments for added flair.

Charming Patio Umbrella Lights:


Turn your outdoor seating area into a cozy Easter retreat by decorating your patio umbrella with LED lights. Choose a string of lights that complements your outdoor furniture and space. Wrap them around the umbrella’s spokes to create a soft and inviting glow. This simple yet effective lighting idea provides an intimate atmosphere for evening gatherings or Easter brunches on the patio.

Easter Egg Hunt Pathway:


Outline the pathway leading to your Easter Egg Hunt with colorful C9 bulbs. Create an illuminated trail for participants to follow as they search for hidden treasures. Consider placing the mason jars, egg-shaped lanterns, or luminaries along the path for added charm. These bulbs will create a bright trail, helping everyone find the hidden treasures easily for an exciting and charming hunt.

Illuminate your Easter with the vibrant glow of Easter Lights from Trident Pro Lighting!

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