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LED C9 (Fourth of July)

Celebrate Independence Day with Fourth of July Theme Lights

The Fourth of July is a time of the country’s independence and this special day has to be celebrated with enthusiasm and patriotic energy. Trident Pro Lighting has the perfect Fourth of July lights to reflect your patriotism in the atmosphere with a glowing aura. With our assortment of decorative lights and professional installation services, it’s simple to adorn your space for an exciting celebration with friends and family. 

Shop for a Fourth of July light Theme

Trident Pro Lighting specializes in Fourth of July lights for both residential and commercial customers. Our skilled staff creates exclusive and beautiful decor lights to compliment your home or company. Our exquisite collection of Fourth of July light Theme includes: 


  • LED Bulbs with Energy Savings of 0.5 to 0.8 Watts
  • Connect up to 1,000 feet of lighting or 960 watts (8 amp line).
  • Polycarbonate lenses are virtually unbreakable, with a strength of up to 200 times that of glass.

Decor ideas for the Fourth of July

C9 Fence Outline:

Use C9 bulbs in red, white, and blue to outline your outside fence. This simple and effective decoration instantly displays your patriotic energy. The illuminated fence not only adds to the beauty of your outdoor space but it also distributes the Fourth of July mood to your neighbors, providing a sense of unity in celebration.

LED Pathway Lights:

Decorate your outdoor paths with red, white, and blue LED lights. Set them along walkways or in your garden to create a festive and friendly atmosphere. These simple and energy-efficient lights will bring patriotic spirit to your Fourth of July celebrations.

C9 String Light Canopy:

A C9 string light canopy can be used to create a welcoming and colorful outdoor atmosphere. Hang them above your patio or seating area to create a warm, attractive atmosphere. The larger bulbs make an explosive impact, transforming your outdoor space into a patriotic haven for Fourth of July parties.

Festive Shelf and Counter Lighting:

Update your indoor environment with C9 luminaries carefully placed throughout your home. To represent the colors of the American flag, use red, white, and blue C9 bulbs. Line them along shelves and countertops, or use them as a creative table centerpiece. The soft glow from these luminaries creates a cozy and patriotic atmosphere, perfect for Fourth of July festivities.

LED Wall Art:

Transform your walls into a patriotic masterpiece using LED lights. Create a flag-inspired design or spell out patriotic messages using LED strip lights. This dynamic and customizable decor adds a modern and festive touch to your indoor spaces. Hang them in your living room or above a mantel for a visually striking expression of Independence Day spirit.

Don’t miss out on the brilliance! Shop Trident Pro Lighting for Fourth of July lights and make this Independence Day unforgettable!

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