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LED C9 (Halloween)

Get Spooky with c9 Halloween lights

It’s that time of year again when you go to a pumpkin patch to pick out the right pumpkin to carve, get spooked at a haunted house, and look for the perfect Halloween costume. 

Although the pumpkins and spider figures play a part, it is the mysterious and flickering lighting that provides the appropriate Halloween atmosphere. Trident Pro Lighting has curated a collection of true-to-color. Halloween string lights and decor to help you transform your home this Halloween season and become the house everyone is talking about! 

Explore our collection of durable, energy-efficient C9 Halloween lights if you’re passionate about Halloween decorations. Witchy, whimsical, or simply terrifying, find your Halloween decoration style with us!

Halloween Lighting Products Range

Trident Pro Lighting specializes in C9 Halloween lights for residential as well as commercial buildings. Our range of products includes: 


  • Creates modest yet stunning light displays that are ideal for Halloween.
  • LED Light Bulbs That Save Energy
  • It can connect up to 1,000 feet of lighting or 960 watts (8 amp line).
  • Polycarbonate lenses are practically unbreakable, with up to 200 times stronger strength than glass.

Terrifying Lighting Decoration Ideas for Halloween

Glowing Pathways

Consider Halloween pathway light ideas for creating an inviting and spooky entry to your haunted world. Line pathways siding with luminescent pebbles and C9 pathway lights that give an unearthly glow, then set up with creepy decor like fake cobwebs and pumpkins. 

Sinister Silhouettes

Make a spooky silhouette of witches, bats, or ghosts out of black cardboard and position it on a window or a wall for Halloween outdoor decorations. You can use the C9 lights to outline a scary figure or setting, giving an eerie effect when backlit.

Lighting and props

A glow-in-the-dark Halloween theme isn’t the only decoration method to create a horrific look. You can wrap your dimmest string lights around a plastic pumpkin grove or miniature artificial graveyard, then completely turn off the overhead lights. 

These items will probably have enough lights to be seen but not nearly enough to illuminate your space, creating an extremely creepy atmosphere.

Spooky Electric Forest with Haunted Trees

One of the most popular Halloween light ideas is to ornament the branches of trees in the yard with string lights to create a Halloween spectacle. You can wrap Halloween string lights in your trees to create an eye-popping haunted forest for a surreal scene. This display style is becoming increasingly popular as it enhances the appearance and feel of Halloween. 

To generate an eerie glow, use orange or purple lights. To add an extra creepy effect, hang artificial spiders or ghostly decorations from the trees.

Highlighting Halloween-Themed Wreaths

You can use C9 lights to illuminate a Halloween-themed wreath on your front door or porch to add a festive touch to your Halloween decor. You can start by selecting a Halloween-themed wreath, then, strategically place C9 lights around the edges of the wreath to outline its shape and add a vibrant glow. The larger bulbs and brighter illumination of C9 lights will make the decoration stand out, especially in the dark, creating a unique visual impact.

Transform your space into a haunted haven with our spooktacular C9 Halloween lights. Create mesmerizing light displays that are perfect for Halloween. Shop now and bring your spooky vision to life!

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