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LED C9 Replacement Bulbs

Want to make your holiday decorations more colorful and bright? Check out the C9 LED replacement bulbs from Trident Pro Lighting! Available in varied colors, you get a pack of twenty-five C9 LED lights to transform your home decor completely. These bulbs are made to fit into regular C9 socket and wire, so it’s simple to upgrade your decorations with these energy-saving LED lights. 

At Trident Pro Lighting, we assist you in the installation, maintenance, and removal of all your replacement bulbs, so there’s no hassle. So what are you waiting for? Get your pack of bulbs C9 LED replacement bulbs to uplift the aesthetics of your home today!

Types of C9 Bulbs Available

Explore our range of LED C9 Replacement bulbs to decorate your house this holiday season:

Features of Our C9 LED Replacement Bulbs

1. Strong polycarbonate material up to 200 times stronger than glass

Polycarbonate is a heat-resistant, impact-resistant, and transparent material that offers several benefits: durability, flexibility, strength, lightweight, and sustainability. Our C9 LED light bulbs are made of this material and hence can withstand extreme temperatures and have low thermal expansion, so they won’t crack or break when exposed to heat. It’s 200 times stronger than glass and hence wouldn’t break easily, making it a top choice for bulbs.

2. Unique C9 shape for better visibility

The C9 replacement bulbs are larger in size compared to the standard C7 bulbs, which means brighter light. This Unique shape and size of the bulb helps the light to dissipate more, and hence it is visible from even a far-off spot.

 3. 50,000 – 60,000 life hours

Tired of getting your bulbs replaced constantly? With an impressive lifespan ranging between 50,000 to 60,000 hours, these C9 LED light bulbs outlast many alternatives, providing long-lasting illumination for multiple holiday seasons.

4. Highly energy-efficient bulbs

Even though these C9 LED bulbs look like Incandescent bulbs, these ones don’t use as much power as the retro ones. They last longer and only use 0.5 – 0.8 watts. Also, it enables you to connect a string of lights up to 1,000 feet or a total power of 960 watts (equivalent to an 8-amp line) without using much energy. This helps save you money on electricity and replacement costs. 

 5. CSA and UL listed for indoor dry use

These C9 LED bulbs are certified by CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) for safety in indoor dry use. 

6. Smooth bulb finish

The smooth finish on the C9 LED lights gives your home a sophisticated look. The neat and clean aesthetics with functionality are what makes our product stand out.

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