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LED C9 (St. Patricks Day)

St. Patrick’s Day lights

                       Let these delightful lights make your festivities brighter!”

When the festive of St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, it’s time to lighten up your space by adding a touch of Irish magic. Trident Pro Lighting brings the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day to life with our charming light bulbs that seamlessly blend tradition with modern flair.

Crafted with care, our St. Patrick’s Daylights are available in variations of colors, such as rich green, blue, warm white, synonymous with this joyous occasion. It doesn’t matter if you are hosting an event or simply want to add a festive vibe to your space; these lights are just the perfect choice for every need. 

The best thing about our service is that you don’t have to worry about installing, maintaining, and removing the lights as we become your pro partners in managing all this. 

Shop For St. Patrick’s Day Theme Lights

Check out our collection of charming designs & colors of LED bulbs to brighten up your space and bring the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day home. Go through all the varieties and pick the style you “LOVE” the most! 

All our products in this category are C9 Polycarbonate Bulbs type, which are well-known for their durability and resistance to breakage. Considered the best choice for outdoor string lights, they outlast others, enduring diverse weather conditions. 

Which colors are associated with St. Patrick’s Day?

Several colors are associated with St. Patrick’s Day, each with its unique history and symbolism. Here’s a quick review!

1. Blue

In 1542, King Henry VIII draped Ireland in blue when he transformed the land into a kingdom. As a strategy to influence Irish politics, St. Patrick ordered everyone to adopt the blue color in 1783. Also, the ancient depictions of St. Patrick are shown in a serene blue robe. 

2. Green

Green’s association with Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day is an evolving tale. St. Patrick employed a shamrock to elucidate the Holy Trinity, though the written record only emerged in 1726. During the 1798 Irish Rebellion, the shamrock became a symbol of nationalism, leading to the iconic “wearing of the green” on lapels and uniforms.

3. White

Nestled in the Irish flag alongside green and orange, white signifies peace and purity. The shamrock itself is often depicted with white flowers, further emphasizing the association with purity and innocence.

Today, green has become the dominant color associated with St. Patrick’s Day, signifying Ireland, spring, and the shamrock. Yet, let’s not overlook the historical elegance of blue and the symbolic richness of white. 

Patrick’s Daylights Creative Decor Ideas

  • Line your garden pathway or driveway with our LED bulbs to create a festive and inviting entrance for guests.
  • Adorn your porch with C9 lights, framing the doorway or hanging them along the railing for a warm welcome.
  • Outline your windows with these colorful LED bulbs to give an Irish festive vibe to the home exterior.
  • Wrap the bulbs string around the branches of trees in your yard for a whimsical and magical outdoor display.
  • Arrange St. Patrick’s Daylights in the shape of a shamrock on your wall for a charming and homemade decoration.

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