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Permanent holiday lighting

Permanent Holiday Lights – Festivity Year Round

When you upgrade to permanent holiday lights, the need to hire expensive Christmas lighting companies to install or remove holiday lights diminishes. TridentPro Lighting offers you the best quality permanent holiday lights with different options available, from being able to select the exact tone of white to the option of selecting the color of the individual aluminum tracks!

Spread the Joy of Christmas, cast a spooky spell for Halloween, or shine with Patriotic Pride; TridentPro Lighting illuminates every celebration in between! From festive colors to any dancing light show you desire, our residential and commercial-led exterior holiday lights bring illuminance to every home, making every occasion truly special. 

Why Choose TridentPro Lighting?

Permanent RGB Lighting Solutions

Brighten up your space with our permanent RGBW lighting solutions. Utilizing superb technology, we create stunning displays customizable to any color that will transform your surroundings into something that reflects your unique style.

Professional Installation and Deinstallation

Optimize the safety and functionality of your lighting system with our professional installation of permanent outdoor holiday lights services. Our skilled technicians bring the essential expertise to securely manage electrical wiring, reducing the potential for hazards and or personal injuries. This means that your permanent holiday lighting system operates consistently and efficiently over the long term, providing peace of mind and reliability for years to come.

Exclusive Rewards

If you refer us to your friends and family, we have some interesting rewards for you.

Holiday Lighting Referral Rewards Program: Receive a $25 Gift Card with unlimited referrals!

Gift the Gift of Light

Share the holiday spirit with TridentPro Lighting gift cards, allowing loved ones to choose their perfect permanent holiday lighting.

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