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Permanent Year around lighting

Permanent Year-around Lighting that Lasts

“Enhance your property with enduring beauty that shines throughout every season.”

Gone are the days of tangled cords and precarious ladder climbs. Embrace the brilliance of permanent lighting, transforming your property into a radiant environment for any occasion, from the vibrant glow of New Year’s to the warm ambiance of Christmas. Permanent year-round lighting for the house eliminates the annual expense of hiring a holiday lighting service or grappling with the challenges of DIY setups and takedowns—saving you considerable time and effort while preventing potential mishaps.

Discover a range of permanent year-round house lights at TridentPro Lighting, where you can tailor a lighting solution that seamlessly complements your home’s style with exquisite, long-lasting solutions.Our team of experts collaborates with you to ensure a flawless lighting installation. All our permanent year-round LED house lights are crafted from durable materials, guaranteeing resilience against various weather conditions. Illuminate your property consistently, mirroring your own radiance throughout the year!

Our Permanent Year Round Lighting Collection

Explore our selection of permanent year-round LED lights and let the glow of our lights make each of your moments shine, no matter the season!!

Exceptional Features of Our Permanent Year Around Lighting

Discover the distinctive features that set our permanent house lighting apart, enhancing your property with lasting shine. From efficiency to durability, each element is designed to elevate your lighting experience and stand the test of time.”

  1. RGBW 3000k Warm White, Individually Addressable LED

These LEDs are the heart of the lighting system, offering vibrant and customizable illumination. Individually addressing each LED allows for precise control, creating dynamic lighting effects that enhance the overall property appeal.

  1. WiFi/Bluetooth Controller

The controller acts as the brain of the setup, managing color, intensity, and effects. Its wireless capabilities enable convenient remote control, providing flexibility and customization for the year-round outdoor lighting system.

  1. 1m Aluminum Track with 8″ Evenly Spaced Lights

The aluminum track provides a structured LED layout, ensuring an organized and visually pleasing arrangement. The evenly spaced lights along the track contribute to a uniform distribution, creating a balanced lighting environment.

  1. 12V 400W 33A Power Supply

Serving as the system’s powerhouse, it supplies sufficient electrical energy to ensure consistent and reliable permanent lighting in the house.

  1. T Power Injection Connector

All these connectors are critical in maintaining consistent brightness across the LED strip. Such T power injection connectors prevent dimming or color variations by injecting power at specific points, especially in longer installations of our year-round LED holiday lights.

  1. Signal Amplifiers

Signal amplifiers are essential for sustaining signal strength over extended distances. They prevent signal loss and ensure synchronized lighting effects, contributing to the system’s overall reliability.

  1. Waterproof Outdoor/ Indoor Power Box

These power boxes serve as protective enclosures, shielding electrical components from environmental factors. Their waterproof design ensures the system’s durability and reliability for year-round Christmas lights in indoor and outdoor settings.

  1. 3-Pin and 2-Pin Easy Connectors

These connectors simplify installation by providing secure and straightforward connections between components, reducing complexity and minimizing connection issues, streamlining the setup.

  1. Waterproof Male to Female Connectors (Various Lengths)

Connectors of different lengths, such as 6-inch, 6-foot, and 3.3-foot, extend the reach of the LED strips while maintaining waterproofing. They offer flexibility in the layout of the year-round Xmas lights, allowing for creative and versatile designs.

  1. Y Split Waterproof Pigtail Connectors

Y Split connectors play a key role in branching the year-round holiday lights system as they provide flexibility in design and layout. This will allow the system to adapt to different configurations while maintaining waterproof integrity.

  1. 1.5m (5 Foot) US Plug

With a standard US plug, these connectors facilitate easy connection to power sources. They enhance accessibility and ensure compatibility with standard power outlets in the United States.

  1. 14/3 UV Rated Round Cable

It is a durable, weather-resistant electrical cable designed for year-round Christmas lights outdoor use. The “14/3” designation indicates the cable’s gauge and the number of conductors it contains. The UV rating ensures that the cable can withstand exposure to sunlight without degradation, making it suitable for outdoor installations.

This cable is employed to transmit power and signals within the lighting system, providing a reliable and weather-resistant connection between various components.

  1. DC Connector

The DC connector is crucial for linking the power supply to the LED controller. It ensures a secure and standardized power input, contributing to the overall stability of the permanent house lights for holidays.

  1. (.5 Foot) Female and Male Pigtails

Pigtails provide easy and secure connections between different components of the lighting system. Their short length contributes to a neat and organized setup, allowing for efficient and hassle-free installations.

  1. 3″ X3″ X.5″ DC 12v Fan

The 3″ x3″ x0.5″ DC 12V Fan is a small but essential component designed to dissipate heat generated during electronic devices’ operation, such as the LED controller or power supplies.

The small size allows it to fit into tight spaces and operate on a 12V DC power supply. The fan helps maintain optimal operating temperatures, preventing overheating and ensuring the longevity and efficiency of the associated electronic components in outdoor year-round lights.

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