Protect Your Property With Outdoor Security Lights

Outdoor lighting isn’t just all about home aesthetics; but it’s also a crucial element in home security. The well-planned design of outdoor security lighting acts as a formidable barrier against potential intruders. Research from the New York Scientific Research Crime Lab in 2018 proved just how adequate outdoor lighting can be. It was also discovered that homes with outdoor lighting were 7% less likely to be targeted by criminals. And when new lights were installed in neighborhoods, crime rates dropped by a massive 39%! 

All of this proves how outdoor security lighting can help make your family feel more secure. Stick around to learn more about the right lighting techniques and their role in keeping your home safe.

Strategies For Implementing Outdoor Security Lighting Effectively

The placement of the outdoor security lights matters a lot when it comes to effectively keeping your property safe. Here’s a guide on how to strategically place them for maximum effectiveness:

a) Assess Your Property Area Carefully

Thoroughly assess your property to identify potential security vulnerabilities and areas that require maximum light. Pay attention to areas that can provide cover for intruders. These are the top options:

1. Entry Points

Keep your focus on the entry points of your home, like doors, windows, and garage entrances. These are the places where intruders are most likely to try and get in.

2. Perimeter Lighting

Consider lighting up your property perimeter i.e., placing lights along fences, pathways, and around the edges of your yard. It helps create a light barrier, making it harder for intruders to sneak around unnoticed.

3. Dark Areas

The prime spots for criminals to lurk are the dark spots around your property, so provide some light on them.

4. High-Value Areas

Don’t forget to lighten up the high-value areas, such as outdoor storage sheds, cars, or expensive equipment. Thieves are more likely to target these areas, so ensure they are well-lit and visible.

b) Choose the Right Lighting Fixtures

Opt for fixtures that are durable, weather-resistant, and designed for outside use to withstand the harsh elements.  Consider fixtures with motion sensor capabilities, adjustable brightness levels, and energy-efficient LED technology for enhanced functionality and versatility. 

c) Implement Layered Lighting

Combine different types of lighting fixtures, including floodlights, pathway lights, and wall-mounted fixtures, to create an overall security light setup that effectively lightens up critical areas while minimizing shadows and blind spots. You can maximize visibility and deterrence by strategically positioning lighting fixtures at varying heights and angles while enhancing your property’s visual appearance.

d) Maintain and Test Your Lighting System

Regular testing is essential to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of your security lighting system. Inspect lighting fixtures periodically to check for damage, corrosion, or malfunction and promptly replace faulty components. 

How Do These Strategies Make a Difference?

a) Early Detection of Suspicious Activity

A well-lit areas provide early detection of suspicious activity around your property. If someone approaches your home, the proper lighting helps in early detection and potentially scares them off before they can commit any criminal acts.

b) Improved Surveillance

Outdoor security lights, especially with security cameras, enhance property surveillance. The perfect lighting fixtures provide the required visibility to the cameras to capture any suspicious activity footage clearly.

c) Safety for Residents and Visitors

Well-lit pathways reduce potential hazards such as uneven ground, obstacles, or changes in elevation. This increased visibility allows people to see where they are stepping, reducing the likelihood of tripping, slipping, or stumbling in the dark. 

d) Beautification of Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor security lighting doesn’t have to be purely functional; but it can also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property. Thoughtfully designed lighting fixtures can highlight architectural features while still serving a security purpose.

Tips for Avoiding Light Pollution

These are some tips for ensuring your outside security lights don’t create unnecessary light pollution or deep shadows that could benefit criminals.

a) Use Timer Controls

Set your lights to turn on only when needed, such as at dusk or when motion is detected. In such a way, you can reduce energy waste and prevent unnecessary light pollution.

b) Choose Warm-Colored Bulbs

Opt for warm-colored bulbs with lower light intensity to minimize glare and create a more welcoming atmosphere. These bulbs provide adequate illumination while minimizing the impact on the surrounding environment, allowing for improved visibility without excessive light intrusion. 

c) Direct Light Downward

Shielded light fixtures are designed to direct light downward, minimizing glare and preventing light from spilling into the sky or neighboring properties. By using these fixtures, you can reduce light pollution while still providing adequate light for outdoor areas. 

By following all these guidelines and tips, you can ensure your home is safe from thieves even when you are not around. For the best services of outdoor security lights, contact TridentPro Lighting! We not only provide installation but we also offer maintenance services. So, whatever your concern is, we are always at your service. 

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